Jewels Incredible Journey

Jewels is a cat originally from Kuwait and was part of a mass rescue effort for cats which was spearheaded by our wonderful friends at Nine Lives Rescue in Redwood City, CA. A total of 50 cats were transported from Kuwait to Redwood City by airplane to start their journey in finding forever homes.

As a helpless stray cat in Kuwait, Jewels was an amazing momma cat taking care of four small kittens. She fought daily through difficult circumstances to take care of her little ones.

It was discovered that Jewels was intentionally injured by a person throwing bleach in her face. The bleach caused major damage to her eyes which eventually led to the removal of both her eyes.

Luckily, Jewels and her four babies were rescued. When Jewels arrived at Nine Lives her eyes were damaged beyond repair and needed to be removed. Jewels went through a double enucleation surgery and was placed in a loving foster home to recover and await adoption.

While visiting our rescue partner, Nine Lives, Town Cats’ Shelter Manager Danielle fell in love with Jewels and she was welcomed with loving arms to our Town Cats shelter. Jewels is a confident little cat and she quickly acclimated to our community cat room, called “The Playroom”.

Jewels is an all star cat, she is the first to greet you at the door and loves to play and cuddle. Jewels is eagerly waiting to find her furrever home. She knows the purrfect person is out there willing to give her the happily ever after that she deserves.

Although this is a bit of a sad story it is a wonderful example of how we have the ability to do so much for the neglected animals in the world. Town Cats is dedicated to recusing, protecting and advocating for our friends like Jewel.

When we work together as a community the possibilities are endless, we want to thank our supporters for being part of this amazing community. We are the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves, and together we are unstoppable!