Monthly Goodies: Cat Subscription Boxes To Love

Monthly Goodies: Cat Subscription Boxes To Love

by Tara McNabb

If you’re anything like me, the idea of having a box full of toys and treats delivered to your doorstep
every month is enough to make you dizzy with delight. These unique cat subscription boxes take the
stress out of enrichment by delivering fresh new products to your house every single month. And really,
what could be easier than that? Unboxing each new package is only half the fun; just wait till your kitty
gets their eager paws on the enticing toys inside, which are designed to encourage interactive play with
your cat. The best part is getting to discover new brands and products, since each box is specially
designed to provide inspiring and energizing experiences every time. Here are some of the best cat
subscription boxes to try.


The KitNipBox offers two size options depending on how many cats you have; the Happy Cat is meant
for one or two cats, while the Multi-Cat includes everything in the Happy Cat plus a handful more. For
cats with food sensitivities, this is a great option because almost all of the treats are organic or grain-free.
You can also simply abstain from treats altogether. Subscriptions cost from $20 to $30 per month, and
shipping inside the US is free!



Now you can give your cat fun new toys every month while knowing that your money is going directly to
helping shelter animals in need with RescueBox, a subscription service that donates profits to animal
shelters across the US. For every month that you subscribe, RescueBox donates five pounds of food and
the costs for two vaccinations to animal shelters. That means that by signing up for a twelve-month
subscription, you are helping to provide 300 pounds of food, and vaccinate 120 shelter animals. Each box
features a special mix of both toys and treats.



Each Meowbox comes with a personalized hand-written message with your cat’s names, giving each box a more intimate feel right from the start. Subscriptions are affordable at $22.95 per month, and if you don’t want to be locked into a monthly subscription, you cannot for bimonthly deliveries for the same price. Even better, Meowbox donates one can of food to a shelter cat for every box you buy. Thanks to repeat subscriptions, cat food has been donated to shelters across the country and into Canada. Each Meowbox allows you to track the status of the can and which shelter is benefiting from your purchase.



PetGiftBox takes the fun a step further by providing boxes centered around a new theme every month to
keep things interesting. The treats included are all natural and made in the USA, and each box comes with
five to six items that have all been tested by the founder’s own pets at home. And by filling out your cat’s
“profile,” the pros at PetGiftBox will hand-select your items based on your cat’s likes and dislikes. You
can also choose which charity you would like your purchase to support at checkout, with missions
ranging from homeless pets to human services.


Not only are these cat subscription boxes incredibly convenient, they also give back to communities by
using your purchase to support hundreds of welfare organizations across the United States. There’s never
been a better way to give back while spoiling your cats with love; try one today and start making lasting
memories with your furry friend.