Sometimes all it takes is time

The adopter Jerri wrote this from the cats:
Dear Foster Mothers,
We want to thank you for taking care of us long enough for someone to find us and give us a new home.  We live in a 2300 square foot cat-condo on the second floor that has over 22 windows. This makes bird watching a great pleasure and allows us to survey our outdoor territory in safety.
We are so happy with our new parents too, they have plenty of love for us which helped us overcome the shyness we had while in the orphanage.  It just goes to show that if you pray long enough someone will come by one day and pick you out of the litter and take you to the home of your kitty dreams.
Please make sure you don’t give up on those of us that need the right person to come along, because they will.  And then we will live happily ever after.
Mamasan will send some more pictures soon.
We miss you,
Razzberry and Sonorarazzberrysonoratc (1) copy