Dusty and Little Bit Find Amazing Forever Family

We love to receive emails from our adoptors about what inspired them to adopt and the impact our cats have on their family. Here is one from Michelle Lawrence, who adopted Dusty and Little Bit (now Shadow) in late October. Thank you Michelle for sharing this lovely story with us, and we hope these two sweet fur-balls bring you tremendous joy!

“We will be forever thankful to Town Cats and their amazing volunteers who spend countless hours fostering cats and kittens then donate their weekend time to bring their foster fur babies to adoption fairs!

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Our story of adoption from one of these amazing foster moms, Kim, began at Petco. We went to Petco on a Saturday to purchase some food for our fish. We went on a Saturday specifically so my two young sons and I could enjoy visiting the cat adoption fair. We had wanted to adopt a new cat at some point since our cat of 18 years had passed. That Saturday proved to be ‘the day’ where a volunteer walked up to me and asked if I would like to hold a kitten.

He put a beautiful, friendly, loving, and happy gray kitten named Dusty in my arms, and I knew immediately that this little kitty was meant to be in our arms forevermore! All the animals I have ever adopted I always just had a ‘feeling’ the moment I met them and Dusty was absolutely the one for us!

Kim was very kind and patient with me as I asked her questions about Dusty willingly educating me about kittens since I had only had a full-grown cat before. Kim also explained to me about the social nature of kittens and how much they benefit from having a sibling to get out their kitten energy on and for companionship too. I have always been a supporter of my furry family having companions of the same species in my home, and I asked Kim which kitten would be the best buddy for Dusty. She brought out Little Bit (who we re-named Shadow later on) and once again I knew he was meant to come too!

My boys were over the moon! One son has a litter of doll cats on his bed. He cares for his pretend cats daily and even plays make believe kitty! For him the joy of bringing home two amazing little real kittens was the most special moment ever! Dusty and Shadow are a true joy to have in our family. They are loving, cuddly, energetic, silly, playful, and absolutely adorable! We love our kitties so much and cannot get enough of them! We will always be grateful to Kim and Town Cats for saving these kittens from the pound, fostering them, and bringing them out to Petco! It was truly meant to be.”