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Miss Kitty Opens Her Heart to Love Again

We met Miss Kitty and her four beautiful 2-month-old kittens back in April of 2013. Her human mom, 85 year old Charmaine, called a TC volunteer for help and advice. Really nice, smart and caring lady who just wanted to do the right thing for Miss Kitty. Wendy, helped Charmaine spay and neuter Miss Kitty and her babies, and the kittens found homes through another rescue. Miss Kitty went back to live with her mom, Charmaine and lived 3 more wonderful years with her. Last summer, Wendy received the news that Charmaine’s family wanted to sell her house, she was to move into an apartment where she could not take her sweet companion, Miss Kitty. Volunteers Sara and Wendy jumped into action and helped Miss Kitty get into Town Cats’ adoption system. Miss Kitty bonded so intensely with her original mom she had a difficult time adjusting to the new environment. She was so confused and scared when she came into our adoption center that we made the decision to have her fostered for a while. Catalina, another TC volunteer, helped Miss Kitty relax and learn that she could trust and love other humans. She has once again blossomed into a loving companion and has been waiting to meet her forever family since March of this year. We know that parting with Miss Kitty was devastating on both Charmaine and Miss Kitty, but we are grateful Charmaine loved her enough to let us help find a new family for Miss Kitty. And we are on a mission to get her home soon. She would probably do well in any type of...

Get Tatie a Kitten for her 10th Birthday!

Kids are the best at making birthday wishes.  Parents receive requests for a new toy, a bike, video games, etc. What about a pet? What does a parent do when their child wants a pet so passionately that she leaves countless Post-it Notes as reminders that her birthday is approaching, including specific details of her birthday wish? And Tatum (who goes by Tatie) did just that!  After finding what seemed like a zillion sticky notes everywhere with specific details of her request, her parents, Aaron and Carrie started their search for a kitten to surprise their daughter.  She had been begging for a kitten for months and the sticky notes were her game plan–and it worked! On September 18, they came to Town Cats’ adoption center at Petco on Blossom Hill where they met our sweet little boy Liam.  They went over the checklist and he was tiny, he was orange, and he was stripped. He was a perfect match! Tatum’s birthday was on September 21 and boy was she surprised at her early birthday gift! Who she named Charlie. Happy Birthday Tatum! From all of us at Town Cats, may you and Charlie have a wonderful life! Help us save more cats and kittens by making a gift to Town Cats today.        ...

How Kittens Ushered me through Grief

by Betty Wenker Volunteer: Foster and Adoption Center Manager Geez, where do I begin? In the year 2014 I had to put down my cat who was on his way to being 21 years old. Then in February 2014 I lost an aunt that was like my second mother. In April 2014 I had to have my 17 year old male dog put to sleep from an injury he received. Then came May and I lost my son who had a heat stroke and died at the age of 50. I was recovering from all these losses and headed into January 2015 and lost my husband who was my best friend.  Totally unexpected!! I had an extremely hard time dealing with this loss, and with all the other losses it really took a toll on me.  I couldn’t sleep nights and would work until I was exhausted and still didn’t sleep much even then.  I missed him terribly in the evenings and mornings.  We had a super relationship and the house was always filled with fun and laughter and teasing.  We made an incredible team and accomplished many things together.  NOW my whole world was turned upside down without my beloved groom.  I knew I was going to be headed into some very rough times with memories and knew my life had to change somehow or I wouldn’t get through it. Then in June 2015 my daughter sent me a note asking if I wanted to take on fostering kittens.  I decided that just might be the thing to ease the pain from my losses. The first arrivals were...