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How Kittens Ushered me through Grief

by Betty Wenker Volunteer: Foster and Adoption Center Manager Geez, where do I begin? In the year 2014 I had to put down my cat who was on his way to being 21 years old. Then in February 2014 I lost an aunt that was like my second mother. In April 2014 I had to have my 17 year old male dog put to sleep from an injury he received. Then came May and I lost my son who had a heat stroke and died at the age of 50. I was recovering from all these losses and headed into January 2015 and lost my husband who was my best friend.  Totally unexpected!! I had an extremely hard time dealing with this loss, and with all the other losses it really took a toll on me.  I couldn’t sleep nights and would work until I was exhausted and still didn’t sleep much even then.  I missed him terribly in the evenings and mornings.  We had a super relationship and the house was always filled with fun and laughter and teasing.  We made an incredible team and accomplished many things together.  NOW my whole world was turned upside down without my beloved groom.  I knew I was going to be headed into some very rough times with memories and knew my life had to change somehow or I wouldn’t get through it. Then in June 2015 my daughter sent me a note asking if I wanted to take on fostering kittens.  I decided that just might be the thing to ease the pain from my losses. The first arrivals were...

Ann Wondolowski to take leave of absence from board to help as Interim Executive Director

John Lipp has stepped down as our Interim Executive Director, he has received a great opportunity with another local nonprofit closer to home.  We thank him for his help and support over the last few months and wish him luck in his new adventure.  John will stay connected with Town Cats by helping with special projects for the board, his first area of focus is helping Town Cats to develop a fundraising plan. As we continue to evaluate the needs in leadership for Town Cats, Ann Wondolowski has agreed to take a leave of absence from the board to help as Interim Executive Director. Ann Wondolowski joined the board in June 2014. She is a retired Information Technology Leader who spent over 25 years in the high tech industry. She served as the Chief Information Officer at Force10 Networks, and prior to that held a variety of senior level roles at Sun Microsystems. In her “Second career” Ann has started working in the Nonprofit sector, and most recently has been a Project Manager at the Humane Society Silicon Valley. She has worked as a volunteer with a variety of Nonprofit groups, including SeniorNet of San Jose, Community Leaders at the Service of Society (CLASS), MentorNet, Junior Achievement and Golden Gate Lab Rescue. Ann holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley, an M.S. in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University, and an M.B.A. from Southern New Hampshire University. She has two dogs (one rescued through Golden Gate Lab Rescue and the other adopted from HSSV), one cat who was recently adopted from the Humane Society Silicon...

Wanted: Cat Whisperers to Help Community Cats

Once in a while, we come across a kitten or cat that is either born in an outdoor colony or through back luck and unfortunate experiences is just not socialized and therefore hard to adopt out. However, just because a kitten was born outdoors, or a cat has been living in a colony does not mean they are destined to live their lives as community cats. Here at Town Cats, we often pull cats and kittens from the city shelter. Kittens under 3 months tend to be fairly easy to socialize. Older cats display interest in people but are shy or nervous.  Often, they appear feral, but generally we find out that they just need a little love, a little patience and some time to adjust to their new surroundings indoors. Tips for getting started with socializing feral cats and kittens: Remember that cats and kittens are very sensitive to their surroundings and contrary to popular belief, they don’t adjust well to sudden changes.  So take it slow, minimal sudden movements, speak softly and give them time. Hissing and spitting is a natural defense mechanism for all cats; it really just says, “I’m really scared and I’m trying to make myself scary so you will go away!” It is normal for cats and kittens to hiss when they go from a familiar colony outdoors into a busy, noisy city shelter that is boiling with the scent of hundreds of other animals. It is quite unnerving to say the least. It is best to put a scared cat or kitten in a cat condo or in a small room like a bathroom, let them get used to their new...