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Community cats need your help!

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Klunkers for Kitties

Learn More about donating your car for kitties.

Donate your car and help cats in your community!

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Your donations go directly to help provide medical care, food, supplies and spay/neuter services for homeless cats. Every dollar makes a difference and helps to get a cat one step closer to a lifetime home.

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Shelter Showdown Contest

Thank you to everyone who voted for Town Cats in the Pets Add Life Shelter Showdown contest. Unfortunately the contest website was hacked, and the contest ended prematurely. However, PAL awarded money to the top 25 Rescue Organizations, including Town Cats!

10 Ideas for Holiday Gifts for Catlovers

Looking for the purrfect gift for the holidays for a friend or family member? Here are some of our favorite ideas for the catlovers near and dear to you:  Customized Gifts made from your favorite photo of his/her cat. There are many websites that will take your photo...

Skitters Reigns Over the Household

Mary says her family adopted Skitters (aka Midori) in 2008, and “We absolutely adore her, our funny little sweetheart. Hard to believe someone would abandon an adorable kitten like her on Moorpark in San Jose. Thanks for rescuing her!! She is the queen of our...

Saving Kelly Rose

  Jason and Ana saw Kelly Rose on Facebook when she was in a lot of trouble. A Safeway employee had found her in the parking lot abandoned and injured, and brought her to Town Cats. A Town Cats volunteer took her to Silicon Valley Veterinary Specialists where...


Kyle and Claire love Tibby and Augie

Carolyn and her family sadly lost their beloved cat a year and a half ago, and all this time there have been no pets in the home. The family has been talking about getting a kitten for some time now with young daughter Claire being particularly persuasive about how...

Foster Families Needed

Being a mama cat is not an easy job! At Town Cats we have the occasion to come across a mom with kittens who are looking for a safe place to live. Many kittens come into our care without their moms for various reasons and they need a foster family to help raise them...